Frequently Asked Questions


*How do I place an orders?

On the Quyastyle Website, select the catalog from which you wish to purchase. In the catalog, select the product that you want, choose the relevant information (such as size or color) and click on the Buy It Now button.

*How do I check if the Order is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation message from Quyastyle SMS handle MYSHOP on your registered phone number or Email.

*Can I buy singles? is there a minimum order quantity? 

Yes, There is no minimum order quantity on Quyastyle.

*How do I change the address after the order is placed?

You can reach out to us via email or phone number before the order is confirmed. However, once the order is shipped, we won't able to change the address, but you can return the product after delivery.


*What are the charges of opting for COD?

No, there are no extra charges for COD orders.

*I am unable to place an order using COD. What do I do?

If there is a problem with placing orders please contact the Quyastyle support team from monday to saturday between 10am to 6pm on (+91) 887979162 or email us on

*Is there a limit while placing a COD orders?

Yes, there is a limit of 2000 on COD orders.


*What are the different modes of making a payments on Quyastyle?

1. COD (Cash on Delivery)

2. Online Payment (Net Banking, Debit & Credit Card, Wallets & UPI)

*How do I payment using COD?

On the payment page, select the COD (Cash on Delivery) option.

*How do I make an online payment?

Once you have added your product to the cart, you will then be forwarded to the Address Section. After you have added the relevant information, you will be asked to make the payment. On the payment page, you can choose the Online Payment option, where you can select your preferred payment method.

*Can I block an order and make payment later?

No, the order will not be confirmed unless you make the payment. You can however, leave an order in your cart but it will be unavailable if the stock finishes.